Patient Communication Programs

Hemii -7944In recent years, physicians have become more aware of the importance of doctor-patient communication. We now know that the best health outcomes depend on trust, mutual decision-making, and solid communication between the patient and her/his doctor.

For many years, Dr. Kim has helped teach and coach other physicians with patient communication skills and techniques. He has been a physician-champion and facilitator for the “Art of Communicating with Patients” course taught by Laurence Baker, PhD.

He has given several lectures at orthopaedic meetings and to the UCSF orthopaedic residents on the topic. In addition, Dr. Kim is a member of the team of orthopaedic surgeons who teach the Communication Skills Mentoring Program Workshop ( to orthopaedic surgeons and residents. This has been an ongoing program sponsored by the AAOS and was developed in coordination with the Institute for Healthcare Communication (