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Our surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine providing the highest level of care with proven patient outcomes. Foot, ankle, hand, wrist, knee, hip, elbow, shoulder and sports medicine care and treatments are available in Burlingame at our Peninsula Bone and Joint Clinic (PB & JC). They offer an integrated approach in treating patients with the latest surgical techniques including arthroscopic procedures and total joint reconstruction.

Patient Resources

Preparing for Your Appointment Instructions

  1. Patients having an examination of the Hips or Knees, please bring or wear shorts (without metal) for X-rays and examination. For shoulder and back examinations, please wear a tank top under shirt.

  2. If you have had an X-ray or MRI, please bring the CD or films. This is very important!!! X-rays taken at our facility can be viewed online, but studies taken elsewhere need to be brought in at time of appointment in order to prevent rescheduling of appointments.

  3. Photo identification

  4. Insurance Card

  5. Co Payment

  6. Any patient less than 18 years of age must bring an adult who is older than 18 years of age and is either a legal guardian or a letter by the legal guardian authorizing treatment and also a copy of the parent’s driver license.

  7. Please bring your medication and past medical history list with you to your next appointment.