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When the time comes to choose a foot or ankle Orthopedic surgeon, you can trust that you are in the care of one of the most highly-trained physicians in the area, Dr. Todd Kim. Because your feet carry you many thousands of miles over your lifetime, keeping them healthy and strong goes a long way toward maintaining an active, full life.

Dr. Kim provides best practice ankle condition and treatment care in a compassionate and comprehensive environment.

Foot and ankle surgery is a sub-specialty of orthopedics that deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle.

Surgery is considered to be a last option when more conservative approaches fail to alleviate symptoms.

Techniques such as ankle deformalities, arthrodesis (or fusion of joint spaces) for inflammatory processes, and surgical reconstruction (i.e. invasive measures of manipulating neuromusculoskeletal structures) to treat other deformaliti

Physical therapy, NSAIDs, DMARDs may act as a compliment to surgical intervention, and in most cases will be required for optimal recovery.

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The Orthopaedic physicians at Peninsula Bone & Joint Clinic provide comprehensive services to all members of the family.
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